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Mobile Welding Servicing Durham & the Greater Toronto Area

At AJ Manufacturing, our certified welders are ready to come to your location to take on your welding repairs and custom fabrication services, including emergency and after business hour needs as well, including:


  • Welding repairs to Highway 401 spans & bridge stiffeners
  • Welding connection plates & hangers to Highway 407 new extension
  • Repair forklifts, safety cages, dump trucks & front end loaders
  • Repair damaged walls to 18-wheeler trailers & recreational vehicles
  • Repairs to restaurant fryers, dishwashers & stainless steel sinks
  • Welding ice rink doors, railings & goalie nets
  • Repair playground equipment & garbage bins
  • Welding repairs to lift docks, X-braces, doors & hinges
  • Marine dock repairs, dock chains & tie downs
  • Marine welding repairs to ships, tug boats, barges, pressure and pleasure vessels


Call or email us today for all your welding needs.

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